Monday, August 29, 2011

seperated at birth?

joe calderone

ralph macchio

if you were stuck on a desert island...

if I were stuck on a desert island,... let me rephrase that, if I were stuck on manahattan island during a hurricane, as I was this past weekend, and can only choose three non-perishables to eat, it would be, without a doubt, peanut butter and jelly. my lifelong sustenance. my childhood palette relying on it daily, packed by my dad with love, in a brown paper bag on whole wheat bread with strawberry natural preserves. to this day, my nearest and dearest know my weird affliction for surviving on nothing but peanut or almond butter on a spoon. all day. all week sometimes. this past weekend had manhattanites and new yorkers on high alert for hurricane irene. luckily for all of us, the damage was minimal and while the subway is still down in some parts, yesterday people were out and about, and like a shining beacon of community light, was pinkberry. open and operating to it's rabid, cabin feverish customers. and like a desert island wish granted, pinkberry has now begun serving peanut butter flavor, topped with strawberry preserves and get this! toasted white bread crumbs. I ordered with delight and upon my first spoonful was whisked away to the delicious, creamy, salty sweet flavor combo I so know. and so love. it truly tastes authentic to peanut butter with a whipped, cold twist and with it's burst of sweet, chunky fruit topping, I don't mind being stuck in the hood for some little 'ol hurricane.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

roy g. biv

Caught this Dutch tourist on the Subway this morning. Her hair had all the colors of the rainbow... even the blue and purple underneath. And she did it herself!? Not sure if I could pull it off but it's nonetheless impressive, yes?

Monday, August 15, 2011

working girl

A savvy business person know how to keep their style on budget. If not, here is my latest Cheap Chic column in The Epoch Times with a few Cheap Chic tips for the working chic.

five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred outfits

Some people measure their milestones in pictures or memories. I measure mine in outfits. Heading out to the first day of school was always so exhilarating! Having just spent the summer lazily riding bikes and going on vacation, my Mother took great delight in school shopping and it was always the night before, who am I kidding, the two weeks before, that I would carefully plan my first day outfit, going over in mind what I'd look and feel like in it. For my first day of 7th grade, I wore a burnt sienna cableknit sweater with jeans that had rolled cuffs over penny loafers. I paired it with pre-hipster fake MLK glasses and a 'do that reached higher than Kid n' Play's. It was the 80's. Today is no different. As far as planning for firsts. I start a new job today. As a Producer on a project with MTV World. I'm thrilled to create content that will impact the youth, for the better! ...So, what do I wear? My all-time favorite Summer 2011 outfit is an olive green cotton Thai pant that I pull up and wear as a one piece. Pair that with a black business jacket, nude bootie heels, lots of layered gold jewlery and I think I've got myself a first day of work outfit.

A colorful Q&A with HGTV host, Jill Pollack

My 'ol pal, Orginazational Expert, Jill Pollack has not only organized the homes of the rich, famous and closeted cluttered, she's doing it for you, too! As the host of the newest HGTV Canada show, Consumed, Jill is moving in and taking over. Read our colorful Q&A on Your Bella Life - online magazine - and get the scoop on her move from television Producer to television Star.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

move that bodyrock booty!

I just got back from my first zumba class ever. if you've never taken it, it's a quite a feat of sassy latin dance mixed with complicated moves meant for a professional music video dancer. my class in particular was taught by a tall drink of black-asian hottie that I'm sure has dated her fair share of famous musicians and basketball players. thank goodness I've had some dance training and lots of jazzercise in my exercise roster over the years, so I didn't look too horrible. that, matched with the fact that my class was packed to the brim with middle aged Upper East Side white-ies, who I am going to go ahead and profile as not having the smoovest moves. at least I looked good rocking my bodyrock sport ruby bra with my shauna tank. speaking of bodyrock sport, designer kelly dolley competed in the nyc triathalon this past week. and her hubby to be, celebrity trainer, andrew kalley won the whole damn thing!? check out his appearance on FOXnews talking about the unfortunate downside of endurance competition here.

Friday, August 05, 2011

What's Red, White & Blue All Over? A Star-Spangled Shoe

I've recently returned from a trip abroad and while a European holiday is an incredibly lovely Summer happening, I was equally happy to come home. Flying in to JFK while the fireworks exploded over the East River was magnificent and the passport stamp that admitted me back in marked July 4 was a patriotic treat. Even while I was away, tipsy on vino and strolling the Italian Riviera, I came across these amazing USA-inspired American flag Converse sneakers that made my heart sing for the stars and stripes. Maybe it was because the collection was decked out in 'em. Ironically, I've never seen them in the states, but boy! are they my new Summer go to. They come in both high and low top and are accompanied by a distressed men's shoe. Perfectly paired with the Summer's hottest denim short and soft, oversized cotton tee with my bfriend's navy nautical sweater for chilly nights. I'm ready to pledge allegiance to the all American trend this season.

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Tarte Issue 3

I heart the newest issue of Tarte Mag. Creative fashion layouts and a quick Q&A with me. Click here to flip the through. And thanks to the Editor, Emily Traver!

Monday, August 01, 2011

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