Monday, August 29, 2011

if you were stuck on a desert island...

if I were stuck on a desert island,... let me rephrase that, if I were stuck on manahattan island during a hurricane, as I was this past weekend, and can only choose three non-perishables to eat, it would be, without a doubt, peanut butter and jelly. my lifelong sustenance. my childhood palette relying on it daily, packed by my dad with love, in a brown paper bag on whole wheat bread with strawberry natural preserves. to this day, my nearest and dearest know my weird affliction for surviving on nothing but peanut or almond butter on a spoon. all day. all week sometimes. this past weekend had manhattanites and new yorkers on high alert for hurricane irene. luckily for all of us, the damage was minimal and while the subway is still down in some parts, yesterday people were out and about, and like a shining beacon of community light, was pinkberry. open and operating to it's rabid, cabin feverish customers. and like a desert island wish granted, pinkberry has now begun serving peanut butter flavor, topped with strawberry preserves and get this! toasted white bread crumbs. I ordered with delight and upon my first spoonful was whisked away to the delicious, creamy, salty sweet flavor combo I so know. and so love. it truly tastes authentic to peanut butter with a whipped, cold twist and with it's burst of sweet, chunky fruit topping, I don't mind being stuck in the hood for some little 'ol hurricane.

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