Wednesday, August 10, 2011

move that bodyrock booty!

I just got back from my first zumba class ever. if you've never taken it, it's a quite a feat of sassy latin dance mixed with complicated moves meant for a professional music video dancer. my class in particular was taught by a tall drink of black-asian hottie that I'm sure has dated her fair share of famous musicians and basketball players. thank goodness I've had some dance training and lots of jazzercise in my exercise roster over the years, so I didn't look too horrible. that, matched with the fact that my class was packed to the brim with middle aged Upper East Side white-ies, who I am going to go ahead and profile as not having the smoovest moves. at least I looked good rocking my bodyrock sport ruby bra with my shauna tank. speaking of bodyrock sport, designer kelly dolley competed in the nyc triathalon this past week. and her hubby to be, celebrity trainer, andrew kalley won the whole damn thing!? check out his appearance on FOXnews talking about the unfortunate downside of endurance competition here.

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