Thursday, October 18, 2012

Dishin' Digital Prints on DailyBuzz

Made the top 9 talkin' digital prints on DailyBuzz Style. Click here to read more on the graphic goodness.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pink Is Their Signature Color

When I saw Ann Romney emerge last night after the Presidential debate in a hot pink number, I thought, Dayum, girl made a bold style choice! And then Michelle walked out in the same color!? I screamed "They are wearing the same dress!". That shock and awe, like two girls wearing the same dress to the prom, led me to fact check, what in fact, they were wearing. Michelle sported a chic, coordinating jacket with her sheath. She accented the outfit with a simple yet elegant string of pearls. It's the kind of effortless cool all moms aspire to. While, Ann opted for a textured, conservative style and paired it with an eye-catching aqua necklace. It may be the brightest thing we've ever seen her in and it gave off a sophisticated yet sweet vibe. Whose hot pink look would you vote for?

Monday, October 15, 2012

Put A (Ear) Ring On It

I'm normally a gold hoops kinda gal. And have been since my teen years on Long Island rocking oversized hoops from the Smithaven Mall. But something has happened recently. I can't seem to get enough of bauble-y, BIG clip-on Estate earrings. Like your Grandmum's costume jewelry... let me rephrase that, it IS your Grandmum's costume jewelry. So find a favorite pair and clip 'em on, with an equally 80's oversized sweater, leggings and the ever trendy ankle bootie.

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Kiss The Prints

I am loving the latest in Fall prints. On pants. On capes. On accessories. On shoes. And the best part is the cozy Fall colors will add print-y pop to any monochromatic closet, and for Cheap Chic prices that won't break the bank. My Stylist advice? Go for more is more and wear them paired together.

$32 from Uniqlo - Buy Now!

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