Saturday, May 17, 2008

swimming with sexy sharks

today was andres' bday and he celebrated in style with a poolside party at the standard downtown. wendi and I made our way down around high noon in the incredible l.a. heat to check out the hot new saturday standard party, swimming with sharks and of course to shoot off some water guns with the birthday boy. here's a trend tip for ya: if you're of the hipster persuasion, make sure to get yourself a pair of neon plastic sunglasses. it is THE look du jour of the downtown set.

fat jew

last night my boy beef was in town from nyc at swinghouse studios with the band he is managing, team facelift as part of a showcase for three dirty doods by the names of fat jew, machine and fonda are a nyc-bred menage a trois of glam-hip hop-improv rock and have already been featured in pagesix and brought in a room full of william morris heavy-hitters so no doubt you'll be hearing more from these guys on the music trend tip.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

living on a jet plane

ron just moved back to l.a. from new york so we decided to catch up on ol' times with an afternoon of some light jet plane shopping. sponsored by my fave car company, porsche we took a little taste of the very high life. I'm going with the new jet aviva. where's john travolta when you need him?

Sunday, May 11, 2008

upcoming teevee appearances

sometimes I scroll through my Tivo settings and search when I'll be on the boob tube. hey, at least I cop to it, right? my most recent findings state the following:

Monday, 5/12 @1AM I Know My Kids A Star, VH-1

Monday, 5/12 @1PM I Know My Kids A Star, VH-1

Tuesday, 5/13 @3PM I Know My Kids A Star, VH-1

Wednesday, 5/14 @11AM I Know My Kids A Star, VH-1

Thursday, 5/15 @5PM How Do I Look?, Style Network

Saturday, 5/17 @2AM How Do I Look?, Style Network

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Saturday, May 03, 2008

$40 a... season!?

on the way home from dropping off my sister at the airport today, I dropped in to steve and barry’s, the store which carries sarah jessica parker’s bitten line. they are having a sale in which EVERYTHING in the store is $8.98 or less?! I am big fan of disposable dresses for the changing seasons and I was able to pick up some of the stylish finds for under $40!? I highly suggest you find the closest steve and barry’s (even if its in a bordering city) to do the same!! you’ll be glad you did.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

diamond in the rough

my sister and I were looking for something tre hollywood to do while she was visiting, so we scored some tickets to the jimmy kimmel green room. underneath the el capitan theatre, drinks and yummy treats flow freely in a room that houses friends of the guests and staff. neil diamond was the musical guest and we showed up early enough to catch his sound rehearsal. we then headed in to get some photos with our dad's fave late night sidekick, guillermo and uncle frank. sweeeeeet (caroline).

the weekend of obama

caitlin is still here from mexico city. two weeks and still going strong. this weekend was our weekend of obama. we bought an obama shirt from the farmer's market, an obama canvas bag from agape and went to a phone bank to call indiana on behalf of the primaries. yeah. we're sort of crushing on obama.

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