Monday, January 31, 2011

if you like lady gaga, you'll love...

lost at e minor
is an online publication of inspiring art, design, music, photography and pop culture. they take low brow sensibilities and mash them up with the grittier elements of high brow culture. you like steampunk sunglasses or eco turbans? yeah, they got that. lucky for me, I write for them digging up the funkiest fashion around the globe. have a read here.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

joan holloway hottness

the character of joan holloway on mad men ushers in a new era of sexy. her signature neck pen is icing on my cake. quelle surprise when I came across the doodle pen from my other favorite lady, kate spade. so vintage chic.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

get yo' naughty black swan on

last night's bodyrock sport event at s factor was so much fun. have you done s factor?! if you're in a major city, I recommend clicking the link and taking a class or two. once the initial embarrassment passes, it. is. awesome. works the arms, the abs, the sexy back (insert sexy wink emoticon here). and the best part is, the outfits!? seraphin, the lead instructor came out to demonstrate and wore the most adorably naughty black swan tutu to strut her stuff in. paired with a cher bra, she looked and danced for a boys night out. but for girls only!? genius. I'm a regular style correspondent on tv guide's fashion team, they came to cover the event so make sure to stay tuned for air dates on the 'out of the sweatsies and into the sexxxies' show segment.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

hot off the fashion week presses

yup, what you heard about me is true... thanks fashion steals...

(NYC, New York) Now in its ninth season, Nolcha will host the Nolcha Fashion Lounge, a pop-up showroom exhibiting independent fashion designers; including complimentary pampering for fashion week-goers and an industry networking party.

The showroom setting will offer editors, buyers and stylists the option to browse the designers at their leisure or to book a Nolcha Style Tour, hosted by celebrity stylist, Jess Zaino, fashion expert for Style Network, TV Guide Network, VH1 and many more.

On the Style Tours, Zaino will provide direct introductions to each brand and pull various looks, demonstrating how to mix and match within the collections while discussing fabrics, price points, and what’s on trend. “The Style Tour is like a one-stop shop for what’s hot on the independent fashion scene, highlighting what’s in theme with what you’ll be seeing on the runway this season,” says Zaino.

Monday, January 24, 2011

you, me & a pole dance make three

For the NYC ladies out there who always wanted to try out the celeb favorite pole dance workout, S Factor NY but were a bit shy to try, tomorrow tuesday night is your 'look but don't touch' chance! BodyRock Sport is hosting a one night only pop-up shop with complimentary Nuvo Sparkling Liqueur drinks, sports bra fittings by yours truly and an S Factor demo. Come join us for a free show and cocktail. Call 212-989-8030 to reserve your spot on the list. Ladies only!

bikram no-ga

my adorable bfriend majed whose pantsless look I posted a few posts back knows I love yoga, so for the holidays he hooked up an introductory series to bikram yoga union square. have you ever done bikram yoga? it kind of sucks. its called hot yoga. and they blast 120 degree air into a closed door room for an hour and half while the dedicated students inside hold poses. everyone is practically naked in teeny bikinis. and sweating. both men and women. it's gross. I am attempting to go back in hopes that I can at least slavage a portion of my thoughtful gift. but I don't know what to wear?! I feel like when I made the gymnastics team in 9th grade and didn't join because I felt too fat in my leotard. any sporty suggestions?

Thursday, January 20, 2011

boyfriend chic

last night, my boyfriend, majed and I had tickets to a broadway show. so, we thought it nice to get spiffed up for one another and hit the town proper date style. I wore my gorgeous virgin lambswool prada black dress that evokes madonna in the dolce & gabbana ads and he wore... a denim button down and structured black suit jacket. and despite my repeated attempts at offering my style expert opinion that the two just don't mesh, majed was convinced that he was experimenting with the jeans and jacket look, and this was his interpretation. adorable. what can I say? he has a great tush!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

au natural

I'm seeing and feeling, as most are, a 2011 shift. I don't know if it has something to do with the horoscope change or the end of the mayan calendar, but there is a definite shift in perception. in focus. even in, color!?!? despite Winter, we are moving from black and into a chocolate-y brown. the most obvious of this trend shift is in the natural colored heels that have hit the spring 2011 market. make sure to invest an incredible durable pair and wear your nude with pride!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

sneak peek into spring

I've got a Spring layout I'm on January deadline for, so it is my pleasure in this crappy Winter NYC weather to focus on flowers blooming, breezy fashion and natural product that will have our skin glowing come May. it is the former of that last sentence that I had the absolute pleasure of focusing on today. I spoke with skin guru Ole Henriksen who not only gives girls, including Charlize Theron and Jessica Alba, good glow with his amazing product line, he also glows himself, over the phone, from 3000 miles away. I can't wait to share with you all of the yummy homemade recipes he shared with me. a quick sneak peek: mummifying your face with an oatmeal cooked in milk mixture will slough off grey, dead Winter skin. Ole!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

so what?

it was very cold in nyc last night. a five foot snowstorm hit the night before. and yes, I braved the wintery elements, in a pair of marco santi suede heel booties.
so what? I love to wear high heels wven in the thinck of winter. so what? even with slush on the streets and temps below 30. that's fashion dedication. and I damn good shoe.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

too hot to polka dot

it's the season of the polka dot apparently. everyone who is anyone is rocking the retro trend and the fact that the cover of vogue has dots, solidifies its status. I'm still not quite convinced, as it seems a tad childish, a little bit minnie mouse. and what a strange choice for winter. that said, I had a lovely moschino number that was fitted to a T and an absolute dream of dark blue with small red dots but I've sadly, since donated the piece. c'est le fashion.

Monday, January 10, 2011

a precious stone gathers no moss

I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing ms. erica levine of ricki l. jewelry in late december, whose pieces double as fine art. her cocktail rings come live and direct from the caves of a foreign land and are bigger than your head. give this a read and give this woman some love. she is lovely and I'm thrilled her (and my) story made the trade. click here to read.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

hair there

with yesterday's facebook frenzy over the posting of the $15 chinatown blowdry, it got me thinking about hair styles. as andi scarbrough, stylist to the stars, can tell you, I am obsessed with my hair style and change it as often as one changes underwear. last year I decided to go wild and had nyc stylist, meg d. at salon V weave 250 italian extensions into my hair. while I lost the extensions, I have not cut the hair, so my below shoulder hair now requires a bit of think in regards to style. and since yesterday marked my first $15 blow out at chinatown's pell hair designs, it also gave me an hour to look at the fabby UK based mags they have at the salon. and so it is my New year's hair resolution, that my next cut will be britannia cool inspired. UK girls are so bold. so on the cutting edge, setting and rocking trends that trickle to us in the US. british vogue is a perfect place to start. I'll keep you updated. here's to hair!

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

haute for teacher

in this day and age of fashionistas and foodies, is it coincedence that haute preceeds couture and cuisine? is it the chicken before the bespoke balenciaga shift gown?

haute   /oʊt/ Show Spelled [oht]
1. high-class or high-toned; fancy: an haute restaurant that attracts a monied crowd.
2. high; elevated; upper.
Also, haut /oʊ; especially before a vowel oʊt/ Show Spelled
[oh; especially before a vowel oht]
1780–90; generalized from haute couture, haute cuisine, etc.; < F, fem. of haut lit., high; see haughty

Sunday, January 02, 2011

a thouroughly modern new year

the end of 2010 was spectacular laying the groundwork for an outstanding 2011! us in nyc, celebrate with dick clark, 27,000 people in times square and the rest of the world watching, so it's easy to find oneself in something fun. heading out to the gansevoort park to catch the midnite ball drop at a top secret lauryn hill show, I had the end of year pleasure of watching all of the pretty nyc ladies dressed up for the evening. and how dressed they were! at my particular 77th street stop were gaggles of girlies in tre chic flapper style. short vintage-inspired skirts, high high heels, sequins, sparkle, diamonds, rhinestones, strings of pearls, fur and lotsa party hats. looks like everyone is feeling the fabulousness of the new year. carpe diem.

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