Monday, January 24, 2011

bikram no-ga

my adorable bfriend majed whose pantsless look I posted a few posts back knows I love yoga, so for the holidays he hooked up an introductory series to bikram yoga union square. have you ever done bikram yoga? it kind of sucks. its called hot yoga. and they blast 120 degree air into a closed door room for an hour and half while the dedicated students inside hold poses. everyone is practically naked in teeny bikinis. and sweating. both men and women. it's gross. I am attempting to go back in hopes that I can at least slavage a portion of my thoughtful gift. but I don't know what to wear?! I feel like when I made the gymnastics team in 9th grade and didn't join because I felt too fat in my leotard. any sporty suggestions?


Kelly said...

I'll bring you a BodyRock Tease 'em or Tame 'em Tank tomorrow. This will make you feel better!

Bryanna M said...

I sweat walking from your (old) house to the subway. sooo this would have def been a no go for bree!! BUT I applaud the effort!!!

Anonymous said...

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