Monday, January 24, 2011

you, me & a pole dance make three

For the NYC ladies out there who always wanted to try out the celeb favorite pole dance workout, S Factor NY but were a bit shy to try, tomorrow tuesday night is your 'look but don't touch' chance! BodyRock Sport is hosting a one night only pop-up shop with complimentary Nuvo Sparkling Liqueur drinks, sports bra fittings by yours truly and an S Factor demo. Come join us for a free show and cocktail. Call 212-989-8030 to reserve your spot on the list. Ladies only!


Bryanna M said...

IM SO MAD I CANT GO!!! u know im a stripper at heart!!<3 :-(

Pinky4 said...

IM IN LOOOOVE WITH A STRIPPER!!!!! lol this sounds awesome!!!

no need to leave, google it here