Sunday, January 02, 2011

a thouroughly modern new year

the end of 2010 was spectacular laying the groundwork for an outstanding 2011! us in nyc, celebrate with dick clark, 27,000 people in times square and the rest of the world watching, so it's easy to find oneself in something fun. heading out to the gansevoort park to catch the midnite ball drop at a top secret lauryn hill show, I had the end of year pleasure of watching all of the pretty nyc ladies dressed up for the evening. and how dressed they were! at my particular 77th street stop were gaggles of girlies in tre chic flapper style. short vintage-inspired skirts, high high heels, sequins, sparkle, diamonds, rhinestones, strings of pearls, fur and lotsa party hats. looks like everyone is feeling the fabulousness of the new year. carpe diem.


Foxy Lady said...

I heard Lauren Hill is over. She need to get back with the Fugees.

NumeroUno said...

OMG! You saw Lauryn Hill?! You are sooo lucky!! I love her.

BryannaM said...

1. I really need lauren to fix her life

no need to leave, google it here