Wednesday, January 19, 2011

au natural

I'm seeing and feeling, as most are, a 2011 shift. I don't know if it has something to do with the horoscope change or the end of the mayan calendar, but there is a definite shift in perception. in focus. even in, color!?!? despite Winter, we are moving from black and into a chocolate-y brown. the most obvious of this trend shift is in the natural colored heels that have hit the spring 2011 market. make sure to invest an incredible durable pair and wear your nude with pride!


Bryanna M said...

So im kinda into the whole nude heel thing like do i have a shoe on. dont i have a shoe on thing.. but my dilemma is they dont make "black girl nude" I need to tell someone to make that happen. NOW. lol btw those wedges r cuuute!

RedHerring45 said...

OMG I never thought about the "nudes" that way!! good point ^

no need to leave, google it here