Friday, March 30, 2007

silver metal

me and S were at the sycamore springs mineral baths in morro bay earlier this week chillin when his silver jewelery turned all sorts of iridescent colors. the pieces were sentimental so no doubt S was bummed. but being the smart boy he is, when he got home, he brushed the jewelry with a toothbursh and toothpaste and voila! they came correct. just like that. good as new. so here is a trendster tip for you: if you're jewelry turns a funky color in a hot spring or otherwise, its nothing that a little toothpaste cant fix.

Monday, March 19, 2007

jetsetter love letter

booked a gig today with the home shopping network and am flying out at 4am tomorrow to florida to shoot. see you's later. xo.

bashshmox studios

here we go again with a slew of new fall 2007 shows for l.a. fashion week at the factor's smashbox studios. I hit up the sue wong show yesterday as well as voom by joy han. luckily I had my front row seat for sue wong but sadly didnt have anything for the voom show. it was my bright idea to wear a voom dress and make nice with the show pr girls which I did and even luckier for me, ran into the costumer for modern girls (who now dreeses the tv guide channel kids) who had several front row tix, one of which was offered up to me. the sue wong show was of course, a spectacle, as it is every year. she is the only one who does it right with rock n' roll charged mod music and more than 50 looks!?!?! in l.a. thats unheard of. usually you get a couple of deconstructed tees with girls carrying malti-poos. she has a very specific look of asian-influenced ornate beading and flapper style dresses. we had alot of that this show. some pieces I loved, some of seen before. I did however get to say hello to some familiar friends and even did a little on-air tete-a-tete with my look for less brother, james aguiar for full frontal fashion. the voom show was cute as heck. alot of people left not liking it but I was a big fan. volumous print dresses with dark black tight and high high black patent leather pumps ruled. I think joy han has her lovely harajuku-like style that is a breath of fresh air in l.a. now if only her pieces weren't so pricey.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

wino forever

I'm so into amy winehouse it hurts. her album came out today. it's brilliant. she's brilliant. she's brilliantly fecked up. go get it.

i heart stuart house

bring your heart to our house. john varvatos and event partner, converse, close the street and opens the doors of his west hollywood boutique for an afternoon of shopping, bidding, live music, food and fashionable festivities on melrose and robertson outside his flagship boutique to benefit stuart house, a nationally recognized program of the rape treatment center, serving the special needs of child victims of sexual abuse and their families. joe and I threw on the chucks, took out our checkbooks and headed on over. it was a family affair with a ton cool games and craft tables for the kids (including glitter tattoos which of course, I had to have), in n' out burgers and a slew of celebrities. I ran into laura donuts there who I made pose in front of the silent auction mc, drew carey, so it wouldn't look like I was taking his pic. ha.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

happy birthday bree!

I love girls night. especially when its to celebrate a very special girl and her bday. my beautiful friend bree held a tre fab gathering of the girls last night at the belmont. she got some really great gifts including a birthday dress from tart, a clutch from paul smith, a mani/pedi from le vie l'orange and from me, a photobook that reads "my bitches" on a lovely script font. in addition, I bought disposable cameras for everyone to take shots to fill said book. yip! in a very obnoxiously lovable way, tali and I tried to get the dj to play hip hop but no such luck. we had to delight in our sprinkles cupcakes over old rock which is cool coz we roll like that.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

show us your boobs

spas and shops come together for a good cause at the second annual spa boutique for a cure this saturday, march 10. held at the bel age hotel off sunset, the event features spa treatments, designer shopping, music, food and giveaways with ticket proceeds going to support breast and ovarian cancer charities. spa-ing and shopping? sounds divine. let's go kick some lady cancer beehind.

palm spring punk

I've got it bad for trina turk.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

these shoes weren't made for walkn'

in an attempt to walk up a very steep hill in very high heels the other night, I broke the wooden heel of my favorite steve madden white slip-ons. oh, the devastation of losing something so dear to me. I picked up those heels somewhere in our great land when I was on tour with fma live! and loved them into the ground. literally. I stopped in to dsw today to see what I could find and came across a sexy pair of j-lo (eesh) slip ons. I think they'll do for now.

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