Thursday, March 08, 2007

happy birthday bree!

I love girls night. especially when its to celebrate a very special girl and her bday. my beautiful friend bree held a tre fab gathering of the girls last night at the belmont. she got some really great gifts including a birthday dress from tart, a clutch from paul smith, a mani/pedi from le vie l'orange and from me, a photobook that reads "my bitches" on a lovely script font. in addition, I bought disposable cameras for everyone to take shots to fill said book. yip! in a very obnoxiously lovable way, tali and I tried to get the dj to play hip hop but no such luck. we had to delight in our sprinkles cupcakes over old rock which is cool coz we roll like that.


InCog said...

You are the Sprinkles on MY CUPCAKE!


Anonymous said...

your my favorite stylist.
the confidence you exude in yourself
is amazing,
i just wish i could have that confidence as well,
but im so self concious that i only always wear black.

no need to leave, google it here