Monday, March 19, 2007

bashshmox studios

here we go again with a slew of new fall 2007 shows for l.a. fashion week at the factor's smashbox studios. I hit up the sue wong show yesterday as well as voom by joy han. luckily I had my front row seat for sue wong but sadly didnt have anything for the voom show. it was my bright idea to wear a voom dress and make nice with the show pr girls which I did and even luckier for me, ran into the costumer for modern girls (who now dreeses the tv guide channel kids) who had several front row tix, one of which was offered up to me. the sue wong show was of course, a spectacle, as it is every year. she is the only one who does it right with rock n' roll charged mod music and more than 50 looks!?!?! in l.a. thats unheard of. usually you get a couple of deconstructed tees with girls carrying malti-poos. she has a very specific look of asian-influenced ornate beading and flapper style dresses. we had alot of that this show. some pieces I loved, some of seen before. I did however get to say hello to some familiar friends and even did a little on-air tete-a-tete with my look for less brother, james aguiar for full frontal fashion. the voom show was cute as heck. alot of people left not liking it but I was a big fan. volumous print dresses with dark black tight and high high black patent leather pumps ruled. I think joy han has her lovely harajuku-like style that is a breath of fresh air in l.a. now if only her pieces weren't so pricey.

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