Wednesday, May 31, 2006

forever in my heart. forever 21.

did u know that forever 21 started testing a mens line? there is one in the beverly center that I was shocked to stumble upon. they have hip, graphic tees for $12.50 (watta bargain!), cute cargos and great oversized hoodies that I'll be sure to buy david as a gift then once its home, claim it as my own. stay away from the dressier items coz in pure forever fashion, they look reeeeally cheap.

Friday, May 26, 2006

buck you

our computer has been giving me sass as of late so I havent been able to post as often as I'd like. please forgive the belated response -- did you see bucky on the american idol finale?! I don't know what happened between his vote off the island and the last night's performance, but he has gone and done stolen my heart. his voice sounded great and he moved with the swagger of a rock superstar. I remember the night jon corn and I sat and watched the first show of the season screaming out that we loved the wackiness and unfamiliarity of the silver cloud. who knew that several weeks later he would take the whole thing and be considered a fox. there are kids in america DYING THEIR HAIR GRAY!?! perhaps SJP can do a garnier commerical for their color du jour, tin foil taylor.

Monday, May 22, 2006

the great bean debate

there was an entertainment news story a couple of months ago that involved britney spears having her private jet fly to la. back from her set in random usa. to bring her a vanilla ice blended from the coffee bean. now those that are not geographically located in the west aren't privvy to such sweet indulgences but if you've ever tasted the coffee at coffee bean you'd know why brit spent essentially $50,000 a day on a cuppa joe. it's THAT worth it. I drink a $3.45 regular, iced mocha latte, no sugar added every morning. that means I've hit up ALOT of coffee beans. I just moved into the hollywood neighborhood that is hancock park adj. and I have found a new coffee bean jem tucked away on beverly. I think its family run and it is kosher or orthodox or whatever so its closed on friday nights and most of saturday for sabbath but maaaan, when it is open, everyone is sooo friendly and the rabbi-blessed coffee just tastes better. just like kabbalah water! even the morning muffins and r/f (that's reduced fat for those not down with the CB lingo) orange chocolate scone that I will occassionally get, melts in the mouth. they have papers for you to read and you can catch ms. leeza gibbons getting her morning fixxx if you're lucky (her studios are across the street). if I were to break down the la. bean, I would have to say my fave is the one at fairfax and sunset. ask for rachel. she makes a great latte and it is soo fun to sit out on sunset and watch for the celebs who pop in daily. coming in at a close second is the bean on laurel canyon and ventura. their lattes aren't the best but the atmosphere is fun and I have a soft spot in my heart for the 'hood. the one in century city on santa monica is fun too if you're on the west side and the bean mid-wilshire on your way out or in to bev hills is a nice respite after a meeting, but fuggedabout the one on melrose by martel. it's awful! they have no selection, aren't friendly and the feng shui of the place is wack. now that I think about it, the coffee bean express in the beverly center is pretty wack too. ya know whats even more wack? using the word WACK, mcjack. as you can see, my morning hit has got me jumping coz thats alotta jive for some jamoke but thats how much a morning coffee can mean at the bean. where's your favorite joint for joe?

Friday, May 19, 2006

modern girls guide to l.a. eateries

last night me and the other modern gals went out for a night on the town. we decided on dinner and drinks at the new social club, social hollywood which has taken over the hollywood athletic club space. the place is huge! the decor is phenomenal. the staff is very friendly but pretentiously long-winded which is distracting when you want to have a good cocktail and chat. the food is expensive and sub-par. I had the lamb shanks and lemme tell you, for forty bux I expected more than a stick of fat. I did enjoy my two bellinis and the creamy polenta I had was yummy. afterwards, our host leslie took us on a tour of the members-only area upstairs. its nice. I dont know if they'll be able to pull off the exclusivity and social bullseye that is the soho house, but lawdy knows they are trying. we tried to bribe leslie into thinking we were ultra-cool and that they had to sign us on as members. he knew miss eva la rue b/c ironically enough, he plays the finger print guy on csi:miami. hollywood is hollyweird. get in now while it is still under the radar or worse yet, passed its prime.

what you should be listening to now:
ghostface killah
gnarls barkley
the raconteurs

what you should be watching now:
modern girls guide to life on style
wonder showzen on mtv2

what you should be wearing now:
norma kamali
paige jeans: hollywood hills cut

Thursday, May 18, 2006

if u want to date michael jackson, u have to B-14!

Claudia and I hosted Bingo at Hamburger Mary's in WeHo last night with Belle Aire and Jeffrey. It was alot of fun!! We followed in the footsteps of some other great Friends of Dorothy who have called their legendary bingo including Janice Dickinson and Paris Hilton. David came and we had Hamburgers. I even made a shirt at Neighborhoodies that read BING-HO. To date, they have raised over one million dollars for charity. You go girls. After Bingo, David and I went over to Pinkberry where the line was once again out the door. I made nice with the actress who plays Artie Bucco's wife on The Sopranos. She is from Harlem and was very interested in franchising a Pinkberry for Chelsea in NYC. I know a stupid amount of useless information about Pinkberry's that proved to be useful in this instance. David drove around the block because their was no place to park and by the time he circled the block 342 times, he swore off Pinkberry forever. We'll see how long that lasts. The dont call if Crackberry for nuthin.

Friday, May 05, 2006

say goodbye to no. hollywood

yes, its true. I "borrowed" the post title from david's digital couch. at least I am giving credit where credit is due. and yes, that's true too. we are leaving north hollywood this weekend and moving into our lovely new hancock park adj. apartment. wowie zowie! this week was a flurry of activity. I started off the week shooting 'how do I look?' with finola and a very cute 18 yr. old fashion victim, celeste. tomorrow is reveal day. fingers crossed that she picks my collection. this time I take full responsibility for my super deluxe teen fashion picks (yes, steviebadazz, full responsibility). next stop was the modern girls guide to motherhood party at the gm suite at the reg bev wilsh for jane's new book of the same name. it was faaab. brooke shields, melissa joan hart, shar jackson and more hot hollywood mama's made the rounds. I am so proud of jane. by far the best book release party I've ever been to! I continued shooting for the week and packing for the big move this weekend. today I picked up my new car!!!! I've been driving around my beat-up old mercedes benzie since I moved out here three years ago and it was time to upgrade. I drove away with a fab 97' beamer. black on black. I was proud of myself for stashing away the cash to get the sweet ride. and did anyone hear mine, david and claudia's appearance on the adam carolla show last week? next stop: new apartment!!!!!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Remember when you tried to post a comment on my board and it would ask you to spend 38 minutes registering? NO MORE! Now anybody can leave a comment and I hope you all do - I promise to always respond and it'll make this board fun! I want to know what you want to know! Love always, JZ.

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