Monday, May 22, 2006

the great bean debate

there was an entertainment news story a couple of months ago that involved britney spears having her private jet fly to la. back from her set in random usa. to bring her a vanilla ice blended from the coffee bean. now those that are not geographically located in the west aren't privvy to such sweet indulgences but if you've ever tasted the coffee at coffee bean you'd know why brit spent essentially $50,000 a day on a cuppa joe. it's THAT worth it. I drink a $3.45 regular, iced mocha latte, no sugar added every morning. that means I've hit up ALOT of coffee beans. I just moved into the hollywood neighborhood that is hancock park adj. and I have found a new coffee bean jem tucked away on beverly. I think its family run and it is kosher or orthodox or whatever so its closed on friday nights and most of saturday for sabbath but maaaan, when it is open, everyone is sooo friendly and the rabbi-blessed coffee just tastes better. just like kabbalah water! even the morning muffins and r/f (that's reduced fat for those not down with the CB lingo) orange chocolate scone that I will occassionally get, melts in the mouth. they have papers for you to read and you can catch ms. leeza gibbons getting her morning fixxx if you're lucky (her studios are across the street). if I were to break down the la. bean, I would have to say my fave is the one at fairfax and sunset. ask for rachel. she makes a great latte and it is soo fun to sit out on sunset and watch for the celebs who pop in daily. coming in at a close second is the bean on laurel canyon and ventura. their lattes aren't the best but the atmosphere is fun and I have a soft spot in my heart for the 'hood. the one in century city on santa monica is fun too if you're on the west side and the bean mid-wilshire on your way out or in to bev hills is a nice respite after a meeting, but fuggedabout the one on melrose by martel. it's awful! they have no selection, aren't friendly and the feng shui of the place is wack. now that I think about it, the coffee bean express in the beverly center is pretty wack too. ya know whats even more wack? using the word WACK, mcjack. as you can see, my morning hit has got me jumping coz thats alotta jive for some jamoke but thats how much a morning coffee can mean at the bean. where's your favorite joint for joe?


MisterW said...

Around the corner from where I live.

Anonymous said...

There is a new 3 hour documantary called Black Coffee

Legend has it that in the 6th century, in Ethiopia , where the Arabica bush grows wild, a shepherd noticed his sheep skipping sprightly after chowing down on the plant’s cherry-like beans. Since then, coffee has become one of our preferred national drugs and the world’s largest trading commodity, second to oil. But for all the pleasure sipping coffee brings, its history is as rich and dark as the elixir itself.

How a simple bean has evolved from brain tonic to dominant global force is laid bare by Irene Angelico. As in her previous documentary, The Cola Conquest, Angelico laces her three-parter with fascinating trivia and sordid facts on how the beguiling brew had its roots in colonialism and spurred many a revolution. Coffee has an abysmal human rights and ecological record that continues today.

The series also explores the mass marketing of the ubiquitous beverage, the fair trade movement, and the emergence of the specialty coffee industry. And no documentary on coffee would be complete without Starbucks — even when it boosts the cost of its already pricey lattes, caffeine addicts willingly shell out for their morning fix.

Anonymous said...

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