Friday, May 19, 2006

modern girls guide to l.a. eateries

last night me and the other modern gals went out for a night on the town. we decided on dinner and drinks at the new social club, social hollywood which has taken over the hollywood athletic club space. the place is huge! the decor is phenomenal. the staff is very friendly but pretentiously long-winded which is distracting when you want to have a good cocktail and chat. the food is expensive and sub-par. I had the lamb shanks and lemme tell you, for forty bux I expected more than a stick of fat. I did enjoy my two bellinis and the creamy polenta I had was yummy. afterwards, our host leslie took us on a tour of the members-only area upstairs. its nice. I dont know if they'll be able to pull off the exclusivity and social bullseye that is the soho house, but lawdy knows they are trying. we tried to bribe leslie into thinking we were ultra-cool and that they had to sign us on as members. he knew miss eva la rue b/c ironically enough, he plays the finger print guy on csi:miami. hollywood is hollyweird. get in now while it is still under the radar or worse yet, passed its prime.

what you should be listening to now:
ghostface killah
gnarls barkley
the raconteurs

what you should be watching now:
modern girls guide to life on style
wonder showzen on mtv2

what you should be wearing now:
norma kamali
paige jeans: hollywood hills cut


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