Thursday, May 28, 2009

dance off pants off

I was shooting a commercial not too long ago and while on set with one of the cutey actresses, she introduced me to a fab new excercise program... the tracy anderson dvd series. a combination of pilates moves and hard core dance training (which is just me thing), apparently this stuff really works. clients madonna and gwenyth paltrow are avid followers and their bodies show off their results. I jsut ordered the DVD from amazon so I will keep you posted. if u wana do it with me, get the DVD and let's get it on.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

tunic trend

according to katja at polkadotsandmoonbeams in lalaland, tunics are all the rage this summer. they are the perfect style for every age and shape! pair it with your DIY demin cut-offs or over the teeny bikini at the beach for a sexy look. the alka vora featured here is pretty and affordable.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

save saks

I have a client I am shopping with this week, so I decided to do some prep work and get the low-down on what's what and what to wear in saks fifth avenue on fifth avenue. have u been? I haven't in a while and boy! was it worth the wait... it's like an f'n museum in there. I can't believe people get to go in and try on the most beautiful and up-to-date fashions from the most powerful designers in the world as if they are shopping at target. there was talk of it going under due to the stinky economy, so I implore you, if you love the fashion, I would highly recommend a trip to saks for a full day of try-ons and fashion treats.

Thursday, May 07, 2009


Saks Fifth Avenue just launched a program to benefit charity: water, a non-profit organization that funds freshwater wells...
From April 22 to June 30, Saks will offer charity: water t-shirts, bracelets and well sponsorships nationwide. Each $40 t-shirt purchased at Saks Fifth Avenue or on, a $35 donation will be made to charity: water ….. and amazingly every single t-shirt purchased will give 7 people in a developing nation clean water for 5 years!! Last year, Saks raised over $500,000 for the charity, which aided in the construction of over 100 wells that will serve 37,000 people in Central America, India and Africa and with your help we will raise even more this year! Cute tee for a great cause. Get thirsty.

no need to leave, google it here