Monday, August 15, 2011

five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred outfits

Some people measure their milestones in pictures or memories. I measure mine in outfits. Heading out to the first day of school was always so exhilarating! Having just spent the summer lazily riding bikes and going on vacation, my Mother took great delight in school shopping and it was always the night before, who am I kidding, the two weeks before, that I would carefully plan my first day outfit, going over in mind what I'd look and feel like in it. For my first day of 7th grade, I wore a burnt sienna cableknit sweater with jeans that had rolled cuffs over penny loafers. I paired it with pre-hipster fake MLK glasses and a 'do that reached higher than Kid n' Play's. It was the 80's. Today is no different. As far as planning for firsts. I start a new job today. As a Producer on a project with MTV World. I'm thrilled to create content that will impact the youth, for the better! ...So, what do I wear? My all-time favorite Summer 2011 outfit is an olive green cotton Thai pant that I pull up and wear as a one piece. Pair that with a black business jacket, nude bootie heels, lots of layered gold jewlery and I think I've got myself a first day of work outfit.

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