Sunday, February 19, 2006

who is that guy's?

my mom came in from new york today for a visit. she loooooves doing the hollywood thing, so I figured I would take her to the opening (and birthday) of guy's north hollywood on ventura. guy's is famed for being the place on beverly that holds danny masterson's sunday jazz nights. my friend jamie primak does the PR for both places, so the invite was one I didn't mind checking out. I first put on a vintage number that my mom wouldn't be caught dead hanging out with me in. I finally gave in to her nagging and changed into my betsey johnson dress and shoes. I put my own special stamp on it by adding my libra earrings. what kind of bratty kid would I be if I gave into everything?!?! we showed up pretty early, grabbed a drink and a seat so we could watch the guests arrive. my mom said people were not as dressed up as she thought they'd be. I had to explain that jeans and camis for the girls and jeans and tees with blazers for the men is the la. nightlife uniform. my mom looked pretty in her very new york all black outfit. she borrowed a pair of shoes from me that were way too tight and had to be shucked off her feet. it was funny. alot of the guests arrived in my friend abi ferrin's designs. abi is a very sweet girl. she and jamie are BFF. jamie hooked it up so that abi designed the guy's cocktail waitress dresses. they were black and red and looked like something out of the jetsons. I commented to my mom that I didnt like them then when I saw abi, I kissed her ass and said they were cute. typical hollywood bullshit. we watched some of the "celebs" arrive like cindy margolis and constantine maroulis and finally when jason hervey, who played the older brother on the wonder years came through, I knew it was time to jet.


danimal said...

Abi is my sister and she kicks ass! That is cool that we both know someone. I happen to think that her designs are sweet. I am her brother that lives in Australia. Say hi to her for me, would ya!

Maven said...

Oh my goodness your mom is seriously so right about how people dress...I went to Sky Bar last time I was in LA and seriously was like people were wayyyyy casual who knew!

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