Thursday, February 09, 2006

to wax or not to wax

I think that v-day is an appropriate name for valentines day because us girls have to shine up the ol' hoohah and make it presentable for our valentines day lovers and friends (in my case, my hottie new beau, D). I have been waxing since my early twenties at aveda in soho. when bliss came along with their lavender mix, I went over to them spending countless mornings and dollars in chic pain. when I moved out to cali, I didn't have a clue who to go to, so I googled up vaj wax and picked out pink cheeks in the valley where apparently all the porn stars go. this place was horrible and their service intolerable. not a fun experience when someone is ripping hot wax from your labia. for years following that, I just kind of let things go and rocked the retro bush. finally, a friend suggested a place called the beehive in beverly hills. for 40 bucks you get the full monty (front and back) and the sweetest most gentle woman in all of the city, marina taking care of your business. they are the best -- so for your cookie's sake, don't go anywhere else in l.a.!! she said that most women want hearts waxed into their privates for the special day. now thats love.

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meahsmom said...

This is hilarious!

no need to leave, google it here