Sunday, May 22, 2011

the weight loss of OZ

I've got a new Glamour post on bathing suits up now that you can read here. To best fit into my bathing suit, there are a few 'get thin quick schemes', I'm not willing to do anything illegal or stupid. So, I wrote a quick email to my friend Dr. Oz Garcia, not to be confused with THE Dr. Oz, but who, with three best selling books, is equally sexy and qualified. I wanted to know what I could do in the next day, week, month to get bikini ready without having to get on the Stairmaster from now until then. According to Oz, losing weight quickly, but healthily means increasing your intake of healthy foods, avoiding the guilty pleasures and getting more exercise in than usual, which is what I suspected. He also suggests avoiding salt to reduce bloat, drop carbs and to stay hydrated and rested, allowing the body to run at optimal health. Easy enough. I'm in.

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Billy said...

I went to a 4 day Tony Robbins motivational seminar through Ideasphere/Twinlab when I worked their. Tony was part owner of our company. Great Seminar by the way, highly recommend it. He says that your diet should include 70% water rich foods. He also said that the typlical American diet is 15% (which is suicide). Anywho... I lost some weight recently. I don't eat breakfast. I eat a lot of Sushi for lunch. Every now and the salads. Fruit lunch, like a $6 bowl is great for a meal. I eliminated a lot of meat, but still eat it.

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