Wednesday, March 02, 2011

sunglasses for your face shape

its a pretty easy rule of thumb when buying sunglasses that if you've got a round shape, square glasses like a ray-ban wayfarer is best and if you've got a square face, bring on the oversized circular shades. I've always been a purist when it comes to my sunglasses, rocking the ray-ban aviators in gold and silver. I have a collection that includes wayfarers, oversized chanels, embellished gold chanel aviator and even the heart shaped sunglasses you catch in my blog pic. those I got on the set of vh-1's glam god and have loved them ever since. eyewear is a very specific style choice for both men and women. and these twin girls, coco & breezy certainly know how to do it up. if you like what you see, click that link and 'like' it on the page and let me know what shades you are wearing at night?

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