Thursday, March 10, 2011

elimination fashion?

I am obsesed with american idol this season. and even got my bfriend in on the action. while we do have DVR, we choose (or I choose and force him, ha.) to sit on the couch most wednesday and thursday nights to watch the top 12. I put my dibs on casey but do have a soft spot for that young blondie, lauren. too bad she was a freeking fashion disaster last night in a ruffled baby blue dress over jeans!?!? UGH. what was the show stylist thinking letting her go out there like that. I honestly believe she may get kicked off on her outfit choice alone. those kids these days... who's your pick to win?


Anonymous said...

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Casey said...

I just found your blog today... love it! I said this exact thing word for word! It was awful... she was lucky to have survived it. Last week was much better, but she still isn't getting it right. Someone needs to help the poor girl because with the right style, she could win.

no need to leave, google it here