Wednesday, February 21, 2007

tourist tales

my mom is town from new york. it is fun for me because I get to see l.a. through the eyes of a visitor. we walked to graumans and checked out the handprints and the oscar set up at the kodak. we ran into johnny knoxville with his kid madison at the ymca at our pilates class and we definately sipped lattes in the best of the best. last night we had a fab dinner and drinks at the tower bar at the sunset tower hotel . it is a cozy place with a great view and I plan on making it my new spot. there was a party in the next room for georg jensen and when I excused myself to go the w.c., I was suddenly surrounded by many hollywood starlets wall wearing what I can only describe as the new hollywood uniform -- colored leggings or tights with high, platform-soled heels and a volumous, printed mini dress. every single one of them in many different colors of the fashion rainbow. including amber tamblyn who was going on about some boy. when I got back to the table, I saw that kevin costner was seated next us and if you know me, then you know my kevin costner story and how absolutely hysterical it was that we were in such close proximity as I haven't run into him since "that night".

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