Wednesday, February 14, 2007

my pretty valentine

I asked my parents to send me some flowers for valentine's day. it may appear to be somewhat pathetic but I really wanted to be looking at some live flowers on vday if any of the other gentlemen callers didnt come thru. they ended up sending me (they did it even before I asked which is the mark of a true valentine) a lovely bouquet of lillies and some other purple stuff from proflowers. although I appreciate the gesture, the flowers came direct from the grower and were closed. I actually like the idea of watching them open and having them in full bloom for a while reminding me of what lovely valentines I have, however if you are buying flowers for your beloved to be delivered, I would highly suggest getting them online from martha stewart. she has an incredible selection which is reasonably priced and the flowers last and last and last (hopefully like your lover does tonite. ew, thats gross).

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InCog said...

will u be my valentine?

no need to leave, google it here