Tuesday, September 05, 2006

inkles and jinkles of sprinkles

once in a lifetime, something comes around that you love sooo much that you dream of it and live for it and never want to be away from it. I have found my something -- sprinkles cupcakes. OMG!! we had david's bday party at cinespace this past friday and instead of cake, I headed over to bev hills and picked up a dozen of the creamiest dreamiest cupcakes. there is a reason there is always a line out the door. these cupcakes are no joke. made with the finest ingredients, they have daily flavors like pumpkin and chai latte in addition to their signature red velvet and black and whites. I had three in one day and another one for breakfast the following day. oops. I am addicted and had to go off for a while, but I would suggest you hit up the store or site and try one for yourself. sweet dreams.

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Anonymous said...

That cupcake looks as sweet as you - cupcake!


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