Thursday, April 27, 2006

jess zaino world tour 2006

Life has been crazy with a capital K this past week. I flew in to Chicago last Friday for a Nordstrom gig on Saturday. The Michigan Ave. store is brill! Big, beautiful and tons of trendy merch to choose from... annnd, they carry Scott Barnes' Body Bling. Head to accessories and pick up the new crochet Isabella Fiore bag. I also got to meet some kick butt chi-town, my town ladies. If you are in the neighborhood, make sure to stop by Exhibit on Lincoln Ave. and grab som grub and bins of wine at Bin 36. Then it was to New York to host KMS California's I AM KMS CALFORNIA CASTING CALL at the Nokia Theatre on 44th St. I wore a dress by ECHO provided by my good friends at Tracy Paul & Co. and accessories by H&M. Hung with The Gastineau Girls and learned that KMS Calfornia SilkSheen is the best for my frizzy New York 'do and that Joyce Leslie on University Place has THE BEST cheap-o, trendy shoes. NNNew York girls are still rocking the knee-high rain rubbers, so keep that trend coming. On a side note, my bag was lost and I was involuntarily pulled from a plane only to sit in a Chicago airport Hilton for a day and a half. Where was Paris when I needed her? As a result, I am waging a personal boycott against American Airlines and I suggest you do to. Oh! yesterday on JFK to LAX, I had Nigel Barker from ANTM and Jessica Simpson's dad, Joe on board!!

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KarmaCake said...

It was really great meeting you for a total of 30 seconds back stage at the KMS event. I was tickled pink that there was at least one other individual who shared my appreciation for H&M's accessories.
I wish you all the best, you are a genuine and kind individual. I sincerely hope that one day our paths may cross again!
So the year starts up as a face of KMS and I just got word I'll be co-hosting a pilot for a new tv series featuring hot Canadian bands.

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