Sunday, April 02, 2006

stylish in seattle

I am currently invloved with a fab event hosted by nordstrom called 'make it mine'. I get to travel to locations around the country giving modern girl fashion tips to a group of fashion savvy ladies (and curious lookieloos). I then do an hour of personal styling consults with customers. yesterday was my first gig up in seattle and it rocked. everyone was super nice and seattle is really cool. a couple of years back, I stayed up there for a month rehearsing for the nasa tour, so I was eager to see the pacific northwest again. I got my makeup done up in mac dejarose by kari from the san diggy location and wore an ultra fab frock by moschino that I picked up at the store. my favorite part was that they made up water bottles with my face on them!?! drink up! my second favorite part was the buckle-up large betsey johson hobo bag which was modeled. me likey. next week I head to paramus, new joisey.


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