Sunday, August 12, 2007

baby makin' hips.

I've got a big bum. and not in a sexy badonk-adonk way but in a large, flat pasta-making way. and on top of that (literally), I've got a short yet small waist. it is pretty difficult for me to find a pair of jeans that truly flatters and feels right. the low riders give me muffin-top and the newly-popular high waists accentuate my thighs. I ain't too proud to share my womanly wardrobe woes, so I'd like key you in on a denim secret -- maternity. if you can get over the fact that you are not pregnant and would be willing to wear pregnant pants, you may find a world of wonder in these jeans. I was shopping for a preggers client the other day when I popped into two maternity clothing stores and ended up walking out with a pair of the jeans (in small) for me (don't worry ma - I am not pregnant. yet). they have the great elastic band that makes my rump look round and the flare at the ankle to bring the look up to date. in the small size, it flatters the tummy and fits perfectly. and like that seinfeld episode, I take out the tags so no one knows (should they see) that I'm rocking maternity jeans. so lets please keep this between you and me.

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