Tuesday, August 21, 2007

holy sheet!

I need your help on this one. I just got done doing my laundry and I think I've figured out an appropriate combo of detergent/cleaner sheet BUT! I'd love to hear what you guys are putting in your whites to really whiten things up. I currently use the most yummy smelling oxy clean, which I thought would whiten but no such luck. the smell however is to die. for the dryer, I throw in some lavendar scented method dryer sheets from target. it softens while it dries so thats a double whammy. for the most part, I do not dry the clothes in the dryer, I stick to airdry as it preserves the life of the garment. while I'm at it - if you're taking your things to the drycleaner, make sure to take the clothes out of the plastic immediately, as it does not let the clothing breathe and will ruin the piece. I was using the laundress for a while but I did figure paying $25 for a bottle of detergent seemed a bit too excessive as I'm sure the budget fashionista would agree. hey maaan, if it will whiten my stuff up (cleanliness is godliness), I'll go to great financial lengths to make my clothes look, smell and last great.


The White Washer said...

Since I'm on a budget, my current situation is that I go to target and get the 4 dollar big tub of whatever's on sale that week. I always try to get a flavor with the word RAIN in it. As for bleaching - i buy the 99cents store bleach and use half the bottle on important whites, such as sheets - plus i love the smell of bleach in my bed - it smells really clean - I'l have to try that OXY thing u mentioned - as for dryer sheets - i still splurge and get the bounce lavender sheets - although I think Target has a cheaper brand that's probably just as good.

Lisa Anne said...

I really do love bleach. Not too much! It can weaken your fabrics, but a little goes a long way for making whites more bright!

Nicole said...

What are any of you talking about? I live in Brooklyn and we don't have this washer/dryer thing of which you speak in our apts. I drop my stuff off, haven't done laundry in 8 years. I can't even remember how!!

InCog said...

I just leave da' clothes wit' da ladies I hose.


laura said...

I use this spray liquid that goes in before the drier it smells of
grapefuits. For some reason it gives a wholesome country house smell-mmmmmm.

as far as getting the whites damn white I use regular clorox but put load in for the extra time (longer cycle so that it sits in the bleach for a bit longer.

no need to leave, google it here