Sunday, August 10, 2008

fresh & easy french cuisine

les miz played at the hollywood bowl this weekend. for those of you that don't know this side of me, I'm somewhat of a musical theatre geek. I've seen les miz on broadway no less than ten times. I've sang many a song at many a talent show so when I saw they would be doing the music from the show at the bowl, I was all in. the hollywood bowl is such a beautiful night out. you can bring a picnic basket full of yummies and enjoy yourself under the stars. pre-show, I headed to my new fave neighborhood market, fresh & easy to pack my picnic. I ended up with no mess, no fuss sushi, wasabi almonds, red grapes and champagne. what's great about fresh & easy is that I get a weekly coupon that offers $5 off when you send $20 or more so my $20 picnic became $15. in short, find a fresh & easy by you. and get those coupons. and get to the hollywood bowl if you're in town or visiting. you'll be singing the praises of both.

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