Monday, August 18, 2008

beauty and brains

I witnessed something so beautiful last night. dawn stafford who is a hair stylist at byu-ti salon in santa monica (where I get my hair did with andi) was recently diagnosed with brain cancer. she is in her late twenties, healthy as an ox and this mushuggah happens. her friends and workmates wasted no time in planning a faboo fundraiser to help dawn afford her mounting medical bills (if u think a doctors visit is alot, try chemo for a week). last night was said fundraiser. it was an unbeliavble turn out. dawn showed up and you would never think this girl is going through what she is going through. she outwitted the radiation by shaving her head into a fierce early 80's east village punk look and she shows off her scar with pride. her attitude and sense of vitality is overwhelming and its as though her spirit is healthy and whole and her body just happens to be healing from this pesky brain thing. her eyes shine bright and she claims the cancer was the best thing to happen to her as she has opened up to a whole new perpective on life. she is inspirational and so beautiful. it is overwhelming to see someone with such energy despite a life threatening disease. her friends have also put together a website for dawn so that you may continue to donate to help her with medical expenses. it takes less then five minutes and will fill you with love.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jess, big fan of yours; I think you're awesome. Just watched the first episode, wish you best of luck on Glam Gods! Dawn is so beautiful, her fierce spirit shines through in the photo. I'm an ebay seller, I promise the next item I sell, I'll donate the proceeds. Sending best, most positive wishes, Candy

Jess Zaino said...

that is incredibly selfless and thoughtful candy. thank you for being a friend. xoJZ

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