Sunday, August 10, 2008

smell this

for years I've worn the scent, child by apothia. I loved it so much for so long that the scent has mysteriously morphed with my skin and no longer smells the way it should. so recently I set out on a journey to find a new fragrance. after much testing, I chose frederic malle's limited edition fragrance aptly named, outrageous! only few bottles were made so Im happy to have found such a clean and fresh scent that is also so unique. on the way home from my purchase, I stopped in to rite-aid to pick up a body lotion that I like that I thought would be a perfect match with my frederic malle (always remember to layer your scents with lotions and the such!). while in rite-aid, I got a whiff of britney spear's believe. believe it or not, I farkin loved it!! can it be true that after spending weeks and dollars on a fabulous new scent, I end up ditching the fancy stuff for britney spear's fragrance?!!? head over to your local pharmacy and give the stuff a sniff. I promise you'll love it. and for $25 bux, it's worth the buy.

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