Sunday, August 17, 2008

fashion bible or complete bust?

the september issue of vogue magazine is the issue which each year is stacked with over 180 ads, massive trend articles and weighs close to five pounds. it s the one issue that fashion mag lovers love to wait and pour over. when mine came in the mail last week, I couldn't believe the mario testino pic on the cover. keira knightley is again the september cover girl as she was last year but this time around, the pic aint so good. what does that say about the current state of our fashion community? I love and respect vogue, mario testino and anna wintour, but who let keira on the cover with hair like that? it looks like she just worked out at the gym and took her ballcap off. the balenciaga outfit is a great color but is as dishevled as the 'do. wha happened?

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