Wednesday, December 10, 2008

yellow + blue =

me and nico hit up a fresh event last night in the name of all that is eco and friendly. greendrinks nyc is a monthly ny event where tree huggers and green chic glamazons get together, get saucy and network on behalf of a more sustainable planet. last night, was their holiday party at blvd. so what surrounded it were room upon room of organic chocolate (yum. dinner), alternative powered photo shoots and lots of really neat green organizations. we met erik who does free hikes and eco-trips through around nyc where there is abundant nature. we met a guy that started a rickshaw business in lieu of those late night gas-guzzling cab rides. and I pledged my word that I would become more green by unplugging my appliances, changing five light bulbs and requested green energy from the electric company. it's easy being green!

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