Monday, December 08, 2008

clean house

when I moved back to new york last month, my dad complained about how I had a decade of my stuff in his garage and would I kindly remove it asap. dads (sigh). this got me going on a major clean-up crazy train. I organized a lifetime of zaino family junk. I figured since I'm moving into my new place in a few days, I might as well clean up in the money dept. as well to make that rent. so, I had a yard sale!! two days. fourteen hours. in the snow even. I walked away with a couple hundy which was good and the rest took a trip to goodwill for others to enjoy. I definitely recommend in this economy and certainly in this season, that we rid ourselves of miscellaneous stuff and to pass it on to others who may need it more or to think out of the box and make some money while cleaning your home (and soul). season's cleanings.

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