Thursday, November 13, 2008

O yes!

the other night before a soho dinner at bread I popped into sephora on broadway to, ummmm, put on my (or really, their) makeup. I'm sort of living out of a gucci bag right now and sometimes my fave products can't come with. and it is a recession. so really I'm being crafty by saving money with my in n' out make-up tricks. I digress... I fell in instant love with two new products from smashbox. the O-glow intuitive cheek color and bionic mascara are to die!! especially, the O-glow. it gives your cheeks the rosiest and most natural of a blushed tint. with goji berry extract, its good for you too! so pretty. if u pair it with the NARS foundation you've got a paparazzi ready look. but at $44 for the NARS product, its probably best to follow my suit and sample and run.

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