Wednesday, November 26, 2008

sweeet dee denim

several years ago, I picked up what seemed to be a pair of designer seven jeans. I bought them from a man on the street in nyc for $40. my bfriend at the time would joke that they were really "sixes" and wouldn't last. that was four years ago and they have been my favorite pair of trusty "go-to" jeans.... until now. in light of the recession and the inflated prices of designer denim, I have found a line that is both trusty and great looking. the "sweet dee" collection of alias premium denim is sexy, stylish and most of all, an unbelievable bargain at $40. the only minor setback is that they are a bit low on the hip (which is something I try to avoid) however, I think with wear, they will be exactly what I want.

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