Friday, October 03, 2008

palin comparison

even in ciudad de mexico, the debates were a hot number. caitlin, michael and I settled down in front of the television last night to catch the buenos aires BBC airing of the vice presedential debates. I am sorry but I do not think in any way did sarah palin show sign of a renewed hope for the republican party as some analysts have said. they should be ashamed. my father said it best with (to quote) --

"I could not watch the debate beyond 25 minutes. Palin is a cheer leader not a leader. She certainly can win the job of hostess at a Interstate Cracker Barrel with her down home words and cutesy demeanor but "SCARY" to think that she could even step foot into a high level job as vice-president. People are so enthralled with her manner, when did that become important? If that is the case how did Cheney manage with his lack of manner and bullying mannerism." -- richard zaino

I agree completely. adios mio. on another note, the city has been experiencing beautiful weather. and I am now hooked on jugo de papaya y fresa. y tacos.


Anonymous said...

Smart comments from a quiet man.

Anonymous said...

Who are those gringos!

no need to leave, google it here