Monday, October 27, 2008

moving on up... to the east side...

there has been speculation to my whereabouts recently. where I am. what I am doing. I am so eternally grateful to the lovely friends and fans that have been asking and anticipating what will happen next in the life of JESS ZAINO so I'm here to divulge all of my dirty secrets... it's true. I moved to new york. I left los angeles last week to join the ranks of tyra, martha and rachel. I left los angeles to build a lifestyle brand that can be made available to everyone (female fashionistas of course being my targeted audience). I have been working on my debut acccessory line, street chic by jess zaino and I am buried under writing a book. I am so excited about these newest adventures because it means I am taking it to the next level. for you. by me. stay tuned for more.... xxoJZ

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Anonymous said...

You will do great whatever you do and wherever you go!!!

no need to leave, google it here