Tuesday, December 18, 2007

travel tips

I took the AM flight yesterday from LAX to JFK on american. saundi flew virgin atlantic. for those of you flying this holiday season, look into the caselogic lightweight luggage. the airlines are not taking liberties with bags and will make you tuck, fold and cover every inch of your belongings, so be prepared. there are HUGE lines and bad attitudes at american, so be prepared. why don't they send their employees to the nordstrom school of customer service? I know the counter workers are treated poorly but that doesn't mean that have to treat customers poorly. it doesn't cost anything to smile, especially when I apying $500 plus for it. apparently, virgin america has a nightclub like feel, cool leather seats, movies galore and yummy food stuffs. american ran out of food on my flight, so be prepared. buy water after you get thru security. and when you can, sign up for the frequent flyer programs through your favorite airline to get special travel benefits when they are offered.

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