Saturday, October 21, 2006

district of totally awesome!

checked into the hotel in d.c. on wednesday night. early thursday kisha came and got me and we went on some crazy adventures in d.c. we wanted to go to the white house but turns out you need to be screen so anyone thinking of taking a tour make sure to get on the website and get the pre-scan which takes up to eight weeks! Im not so sure having the c.i.a. look up your life story for a pop in and hello to see the presedential cat sounds all that appealing. we ended up hopping a sightseeing bus that took us around town but we got scolded by the driver for talking during his sight speech so we ditched that dummy and ended up catching a cab to take a picture in front of the white house. we ended up at lunch overlooking the city which was lovely. all in all a very fun morning. go u.s.a.!

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