Tuesday, October 03, 2006

make it mine: brea

last weekend kicked off the start of the fall make it mine event tour at nordstrom. this season is very exciting because of all the fun trends happening and I love to do the do at the store for the ladies (and random gents). I got to pick out a fab betsey johnson dress and red, suede steve madden pumps because as recent trends dictate, a pop of red is the way to go. for accessories, I am sporting a few fab juicy pieces around my neck and arms coz I am feeling the juicy right now. everyone was awesome (big ups allison, karen, breann, elizabeth) and the show was fun. tomorrow I leave for two more events in virginia on thursday evening and chi-town on saturday morning. I'm super psyched that its chillier on the east coast coz I get to sport my cashmere.


Life is better in the South said...

Cool! That is a gorgeous, outfit Jess.

I have a few questions!
I'm in 8th grade but I've been doing some career search. I was thinking about getting an AMDP major at Auburn University in Auburn, AL. (AMDP- Aparrel Merchandising, Design and Product Management ---basically fashion) My dream school would be FIDM in Cali, but it's double the price of Auburn. So I wanted to ask a few questions.
If I were to get that major...I wouldn't want to move to NY or Cali, so I though hey, I live in Alabama, I could get a job in Atlanta somewhere right? Isnt Atlanta pretty fashion forward? I'm looking into either Fashion Journalism, or being a Stylist...or something like that. If I could get a job in Atlanta, what kind do you think it would be?

I'm 13 and I really like fashion, so until I'm old enough to get a degree what can I do to prepare for the upbeat world of fashion?

Life is better in the South said...

P.S. Sorry that was so long!
P.S.S You were on a Look for less episode I think and you were sporting this ultra-cute turquoise dress, w/ doves (?) on the chest. Where is that from?

Anonymous said...

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Spirit said...

Very good idea. Similar to a discussion I saw on this Travel Ticket.

InCog said...

You lookin' sharp, sista!


JennyFrontTheBlock said...

Where do you get your bangs done?


JennyFromTheBlock said...

I saw that LOOK FOR LESS too!!!!!

You are the bomb - and I also saw you on that Greg Berhnert show (think I got his name wrong) - you were HILARIOUS - and informative!

love always,
J From The B

Anonymous said...

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