Friday, June 10, 2011

Add Zing! to your Zummer.

Neon is often something associated with Summer. Or the 1980's. It's my belief, that because of the long and cold NYC winter and current weirdo Sprummer weather, adding neon to a daily look is needed right NOW! Last week at the nail salon, I contemplated the pale pink of a Ballet Slipper, but I busted out the Neon Orange instead, pledging this and other neon colors would be my constant companion through the warm seasons. On my way home, I came across this adorable animal print tote (pictured) with neon accents from Joe Boxer for less than $10. And of course, no neon look is complete without colorful sunglasses. All three neon picks are easy to pair with black and other neutral colors for zing and zip. And I promise, the neon hue feels like a party, uplifting moods and inspiring compliments aplenty.

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