Sunday, October 16, 2005's l.a. fashion weak

Tonight, I was at the Mondrian Hotel to kick off Fashion Week. Baaaad call on my part. The fact that the event was hosted by an energy drink should've tipped me off. I should've stayed true to my designer peeps and attended the actual Smashbox shows. Instead, I drove myself a block and half away from my apartment to pay $15 for parking and $17 for a plastic cup of Cab. My publicist who set this night up is out of town so I was left to my own devices. Here's the thing - nobody knows who I am yet (hence the publicist) so to show up to a fancy pants event at SkyBar sans publicist and a goal to get my picture up on can be an intimidating feat. After waiting in the "celebrity" line for 45 minutes (with Cindy Margolis, Natalie Raitano from V.I.P. and Slavko from VH-1's Kept. sheesh), I decided to take matters into my own hands. I scored some paper and a sharpie from the valet and wrote up a note that read 'My publicist is out of town. My name is JESS ZAINO. I host Modern Girls Guide to Life on E!/Style Network'. I had to do something!? I don't like feeling like a nobody even though I may be a nobody. Ok. Enough about my StarFaking. Onto the Fashion. Back to what I was saying before -- a show at SkyBar is not fashion week. It is held during fashion week to seem like fashion week but what it really is, is a bunch of people who have enough money to take out the pool area for a sub-par night of what said people would dub "fashion". I sat in Macy Gray's seat (I guess they forgot mine). The scene was beautiful wannabe Hollywood types against a truly beautiful Hollywood skyline. Ah, the irony. Ananda Lewis was hosting the show and came out after two hours of waiting to open the ceremonies. Unfortunately the mics were all screwy and she ended up screaming to the crowd. Nice improv on her part. The show started and just as expected it was another company that produces California casual jeans and cottons stretchy things. My fave was the swimwear collection for Nice colors and interesting cuts. By the time the Frye collection started up, it was raining and they were having tech difficulties, so I made sure to pop out my stolen seat and take off. I would much rather be watching Curb Your Enthusiam rather than actually curbing my enthusiasm. Tomorrow I am heading over to Smashbox to check out the Dina Bar-El show. I like her stuff. I like you too. Love, Jess

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