Thursday, October 13, 2005

fashion achievement is always preceded by fashion preparation

With NY Fashion Week being so last month and Paris in full French swing, its come time to get out your Chanel shades because our humble little town is about to shine bright. That’s right, fashionista lovelies, L.A. Fashion Week is about to, as Gwen’s Jamaican pirate yardies would say, come soon! These past few weeks have shown us colors of black (is back), silver and gray. The season trend is taking back our girlie side and flaunting our feminine charm. The cuts are fitting and the look is chic yet romantic. An oxymoron wrapped in an enigma wrapped in (faux/not faux) fur. There were two big happenings that lead me to predict that the Big Brother of Fashion is watching L.A. Fashion Week. First was the surprise appearance of Mizz Anna Wintour at last year’s Louis Verdad show and second, is the Zeitgeist that is Rachel Zoe. With teens and inappropriately dressed senior citizens on Robertson and around the globe rocking the Zoe look, the city of Angels is beginning to blossom. And like all seedy, Hollywood-types, we are watching. Hopefully, La Perla does a training bra. Ironically enough, my fave L.A. designers are not of the current trend. If you peek under the drapey gowns clinging to skinny hips, you will find the exquisitely stitched Sue Wong, the Bev Hills Blue Blood, St. John (Angelina sighting?) and the bold style of Madonna muse, Louis Verdad. If you will be attending the shows, make sure to show up in the “it” shoe: the wedge heel. The colors are dark blue, dark red, black and shades of brown (including bronze). If you don’t have a pair, stop by Chinese Laundry at the Design Suites. They always have the fun and inexpensive shoes du jour. If wedge isn’t your thing, you can also rock the croc. Tod’s does a fab croc shoe with an of-the-moment thicker heel. If you’re not looking to loose a hand over it, a more appropriately priced version is a Tommy Hilfiger take with the same color and shape. Speaking of which, whatever happened to that Rich Girls show on MTV? I miss the wild teen antics of lil’ Hilfiger and friends. My Super Sweet 16 isn’t quite as insightful. Some other things to check out on the lifeStyle tip –

Wen Hair and Body Care by Chaz Dean. Because Chaz is one of the most genuinely nice guys in all of L.A., he has created this product for us sans dyes and other icky stuff, so hair is left healthy, silky, manageable and able to grow, grow, grow!! Watch for it on QVC.

In an effort to lend support to the victims of Hurricane Katrina, Alex and Ani, designer of couture and contemporary jewelry, has created the "St. Christopher Bracelet". This special piece is Russian gold plated over a brass-etched wire and includes an embossed double-sided metal coin of St. Christopher. The medallion, which symbolizes protection, is in scripted with the words "Saint Christopher Protect Us." All proceeds benefit Project USA and the victims of Hurricane Katrina. For $16, you can help out at

In Style: Home Edition. This season’s Home supplement has a piece on Celebrity Organizer, Jill Pollack and her client, Jennifer Tilly. In addition to being the sassy minx who single handedly got me to move from NYC to LA, Jill’s expertise will rid you of your organiziety. She can be found at

If I’m plugging friends, I might as well throw one in there for myself! Check out to find out about the faaaaab show that I co-host, Modern Girls Guide to Life. Its full of fun tips and girlie tricks. If you haven’t seen it yet, let’s get this party started because it is THE thing to watch.

As I wrap this up I leave you with this one question: is bronzer still in? Seriously. I’m not sure if we’re doing the Fall pale thing here in L.A. or if we’re still spreading on that fake sun, but please let me know as my Havana flip-flop daily routine is leaving me to look like a black and white cookie. Yum. Cookies.

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