Wednesday, October 19, 2005

duuuuude. suite.

My favortie part of Fashion Week (or any other week for that matter) are the Design Suites. For those of you not familiar with this product free for all, a floor of a hotel is rented out and in it are vendors that are promoting their clothing, jewlery, bags, shoes, beauty product and so much more. It is the most intimate portion of any event, as you can privately view collections and speak with designers while indulging in the yummy candies and goodies and free bottled water and bubbly they offer. Its really fun! This LA Fashion Week, the Design Suites were held at the Bev Hills Hilton in beautiful Beverly Hills. Some notables include:

Juliet Jewelry
Juliet is from Chicago. People from Chicago are cool. She recognized me from Modern Girls Guide (propers) and gave me an artsy chic gift. An N15 necklace, 2" in diameter hammered sterling silver circle suspended from a sterling chain. Hangs 16" long. Created by hand. Its incredible and I plan to wear it on one of my many television appearances.

Jasmine Di Milo
These ladies are from across the pond. They had a room full of very fun, innovative dresses. The colors were black, pale pink, silver and more. The designs were clever and cheeky, much like their creators. Definately not American. I covet this line. I wish they were available here but for now you can hop a P(rivate) J(et) to Harrods... or check out their website.

AngelFish Bikini Jewelry
In the Cuban-themed Nicolita Bikini room was a girl who designed sexy charms to adorn your bikini with. I had never seen anything like this before and thought it was smart and sexy.

and finally, the SINGLE room
I love SINGLE!! Their designs are smart and sexy and affordable and fabulous. I like that they both show during the week and host a Design Suite. My Co-Host, Eva La Rue was at their show earlier in the week. Happiness is...being SINGLE!

p.s. I also loved the boys in the Kasil room. I tried on a pair of their glam denim wonders and danced. Literally, the pants made me dance. Check em at


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