Wednesday, October 12, 2005

retroactive post it note

Just got back from NY Fashion Week and it was super fun! I flew
out to shoot Ambush Makeovers which are airing this week as part
of Everyday Runway on the Style Network. In addition, my fellow
Modern Girl, Claudia Jordan and I got to do Modern Girls Make-up
Tips for the NY Fashion Show Special which premieres on Style this
Saturday, 9/17 at
9pm . We had a blast with our fashion show hijinx
and as a result, stood out amongst the high-profile fashionista crowd.
I ran into some old school
New York buddies that I hadn't seen in a while
and got to meet a whole new bunch of
New York friends. I also made
sure to keep keen to the haps::

Model to Watch: Gemma Ward (the new Kate Moss) and Cameron from
Ford (wikkid Boston cutie)

Fave Shows: Project
Alabama , Mary Ping, Libertine, Ruffian, Tracey Reese

Fave Party: Rosa Cha at The Maritime (coz my Mom was my date)

Make-up Trends: Mally, superstar Make-up Artist said we're moving
towards SILVER for Spring 2006. I'd listen to her. Shes pretty badass.

Most Celeb packed show: Marc Jacobs

Fave new shoe: the pump-wedge hybrid. Sexy and smart!

Fave Bags: Anything by Isabella Fiore

Weird but true: dErrrrrr, the Diane Von Furstenberg show?!

New York it's to Vegas, baby! Make sure to check out our last
Modern Girls Guide to Life of this season airing Friday night 9/16 at

on Style when the Modern Girls do Vegas! I get to learn all about
Craps from an MGM Grand legend, so tune in, coz you'll learn something
too! ModernGirl Scout promise...........................................

Also, I put together a ModernGirl MySpace page, so please join in on the
sass if you've got tips of your own to post and share or want the latest dish
on what the MGs are up to --

P.S. If you're not down to receive these random stories of a life in style,
lemme know and I'll take you off the V.I.P. list. It is meant for your
enjoyment not annoyment. Ummmmm, yeah, that's not a word.

See you at the Emmys!

xo, Jess
Stylist-at-Large, Modern Girl, Fashion/Lifestyle/Media Gadfly, Libra


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