Sunday, October 23, 2005

breast in show

I get it that when showing a denim line you want to showcase the product on the nether region but if that's the case, why do so many jean du jour fashion shows feature girls with sheer, loose or no tops on? I am sorry but looking for a tight stitch or imported fabrics while a strutting model's tots are out is not what one focuses on. Such is the case for several shows this week at our beloved Spring/Summer 2006 L.A. Fashion Week. The Rock & Republic crowd on Thursday night drew hundreds of edgy and progressively denim-ed guests to the Sony Studio show making it a scene worthy of Posh's rockstar mantra. Loved the Vargas-girl look at Meghan. I would commit a number of dirty crimes, if only to sport her jailhouse polo in the slammer. Sat in the front row of the always elegant and breathtaking Sue Wong show with my Modern Girl, Jane Buckingham. We were both outfitted in Ms. Wong's designs to no ones interest but our own, securing Ms. Wong's role as the every woman couturier. Dina Bar-El was full of flowing colors, innovative dress designs and Hollywood glam, including the embodiment of glamour, Miss Marla Maples in the front row. And finally, happiness is…being Single and no truer words have ever been spoken. The Single show elicited feelings of happiness with their looks worthy of a blooming Spring/Summer 2006.

The Miss Congeniality Award goes to Jacquelyn Love who did a fashion show cum live Beach Boys show at The Cabana Club a week before the Smashbox shows started to an intimate crowd including my favorite funnyman, Ian Gomez. Sadly Brian Wilson is no longer with the troupe, but John Stamos was and believe me, sometimes that can be just as good. The night, being so surreal and special, has become an unforgettable moment in my life.

Trendster Watch:
Lots of matte silver/platinum, champagne-y creams and bright Barbie pink for the S/S season.

The cute and playful yet sexy and sophisticated tokidoki was selected by 7th on Sixth to design the venue for this Spring 2006 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Smashbox Studios. tokidoki is the super deluxe, so get hip to the hotness.

While at Smashbox, I ran into an ol' New York friend, Miss Audrey Bernstein. In her self-professed "dress" phase, she invited me to her newest venture, The Bluebird Bakery located around the corner from the tents in Culver City. Sitting in the very charming country chic space, Audrey updated me on her switch from nightlife goddess to dessert diva over a decadent red velvet cupcake. I highly recommend stopping in for one of her now famous treats. Its not called Bluebird Bakery for nothing. Cupcakes = Happiness too!

Speaking of New York friends, I want to give major propers to the coolest chick ever, Chantal Claret of the NYC band, Morningwood. I almost passed out when I heard their soon-to-be-huge hit, nthDegree on 103.1. Karen O. is alright but she's got nothing on this sassy rock minx and her band of musical pranksters. Make sure to hit up their website ofr tour dates and iTunes to download whatever you can so you can say you knew when.

I've recently given my website a makeover, so please stop by and take a look around. It has a guestbook and blog and everything. Big up to the webmistress with the mostess, Jen Roop for hooking me up with my brand spankin' new site.

I've said it once and I'll say it again - if you don't like getting my random trendster reports, lemme know and I will remove you from the V.I.P. listy. But then how would you know what colors to wear and what music to listen to?? That's tongue-in-cheek and I'm over and out….

XOXO, Jess
Trendster/Stylist-at-Large/Modern Girl/Your Moms


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