Friday, December 03, 2010

love is in the air.

yesterday it was uber brand zara and today, it's director/writer/uber producer nancy meyers. this is not the first time I've been called a love bug. I love u. I love u. u love me. and today I love nancy meyers. I am a HUGE fan of her geriatric chic films "something's gotta give" and "it's complicated", her sets and stories and actor choices are beautiful to watch, eternally living in a pop culture glow. her latest "i love you, phillip morris" is a homosexual tour de force with a cinematic quirk worthy of a charlie kaufman story. If someone were to ask me what my "platform" was, what I stand for, if I was Miss America, what would I fight for? It's equal rights for all. and following the success of glee's gay friendly storyline pushing our people to see everyone as one more clearly, this film will hopefully make the masses fall in love with everyone too. brava nancy meyers. you're da man.

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Anonymous said...

this might be missing the point but Im in love with the gay love on glee.... #justsaying

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